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At the appropriate time, children move into our playroom. The parent and senior carer will discuss the move to the next room beforehand. As your child becomes more independent, we adapt the routine to cater to their need, routines will become a little more structured, but will allow for rest period when needed. At Puddle Lane we recognise children of this age need to have time to explore and experiment but still need the cuddles and the attention they had as a baby.

This is a transitional time for your child and you will see many changes. Vocabulary will increase, putting together sentences instead of just words. We constantly encourage language development and good behaviour.

During this time it is important that we work together in toilet training your child, by following the same routines.

At  2-3 years children are offered a more structured play and learning environment. Toddlers are very involved in our educational activities in the mornings where they spend a short time doing some early learning (counting, alphabet games, singing & stories) and practical life exercises. (pouring, spooning, lacing)

Phone: 053 9427068 / Email: mary@puddlelane.ie