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Our Montessori / Pre-school class is designed to help develop children’s reading, writing and numeracy skills. Our aim is to provide them with a sound educational grounding and to ensure they enter school happy and confident.

Aistear’ meaning  ‘Journey’ is the ‘Early Childhood Curriculum’ guidelines. In conjunction with Aistear, Puddle Lane incorporates Montessori methodology and equipment into its pre-school educational programme.

Montessori is a teaching methodology inspired and devised by Dr. Maria Montessori.

A method of observing and following the interests of children. Continually adapting the environment from which they learn, by means of experimentation and research. Helping them to discover what they need to know in order to contribute to society and their environment and to become fulfilled persons in their particular time and place on Earth.

Lessons are not given to groups of children, but to one child at a time by teaching staff. Children enjoy respected choice and uninterrupted concentration. During this time they are allowed to focus and make progress on work/play of their own choice, with materials to which the adult has introduced to them. This daily period of meditation and focus, of concentration on purposeful activity involving the mind and body working together, results in feelings of satisfaction, peace, and love toward others, and a high level of progress in physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual development. It is the key element in a true Montessori school.

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Our Montessori/Pre-school curriculum is based on seven key areas, Social and Emotional Development, Practical life, Early Math, Language, Creative Development, Physical development & Cultural development

Themes - Young children learn in a holistic way through play and other key experiences. By planning around a theme we ensure that children have the opportunity to progress in all six areas of learning through purposeful play activities that make sense to them.

Social and Emotional Development– As a child develops positive feelings about themselves and their abilities, they become curious and motivated to learn. They develop increased levels of concentration and self-confidence, and develop increased awareness in making and expressing choices, plans and decisions while taking great pleasure in personal achievement.

Practical Life – Helps children with organising tasks through care of self, care of their environment and coordination of physical movement.

  • Care of self – dressing themselves, using the bathroom , brushing their teeth, blowing their nose, wiping their face
  • Care of the environment – setting the table, watering a plant, planting a seed, folding and unfolding clothes
  • Coordination of physical movement – pouring, tweezing, spooning, scooping, scrubbing, polishing, sweeping

Early Math - help children gain an understanding of underlying mathematical concepts through concrete, hands on experiences provided through play activities – counting, sorting, recognising pattern and developing an awareness of numbers through activities and projects throughout the creche.

Language – encouraging the development in Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing skills.
Language is key to effective communication. We encourage each child to talk about their experiences with adults and other children to help expand their vocabulary. As adults read books they begin to make a connection between written and spoken word. This will in turn develop children’s pre-writing skills as they make marks on paper using pencils, crayons and paint. Children are provided with the opportunity to browse freely through a range of appealing books, places for them to sit are available so that children can look through books and choose a story for an adult to read to them.

At Puddle Lane, we aim to give children a solid foundation in each of these areas so that they start primary school confident speakers, able listeners, are familiar with words and books, have pre-writing skills and are familiar with letters.

Creative - creative development is closely linked to emotional development. Allowing children to express their creativity through art, music, and movement enables each child’s natural creativity find expression. Opportunities for creativity raise their self-esteem and give them a great sense of achievement. The emphasis is placed on the enjoyment of the experience rather than on the end product.

Physical - we provide a wide range of activities and equipment to ensure that children gain control over their bodies and muscles and thus gain confidence in their movements. Fitness promotes emotional as well as physical well-being. Children’s physical development is enhanced by their growing confidence and enthusiasm for physical play.

Cultural – Exposing the child to basics in geography, history and life sciences, music, art and movement .

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